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I believe that “one size” does not fit all when it comes to therapy; my promise to you is that I will draw on my knowledge and experience, to help you make the changes you desire.

Hope is just a phone call away

After my initial consultation (usually by phone) your sessions will be tailored specifically for you using a distinctive combination of therapeutic skill and understanding influenced by:

Traditional and Modern Hypnosis, Mesmerism, Magnetism, Fascination, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, BWRT®, Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology, Mind Body Connection and Depth Healing.

So that you can begin to take steps towards making your dreams a reality.

Registered Hypnotherapist

Registered with The Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) and National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia (NHRA) I am trained, examined and sworn to maintain the highest standards and ethics. I am currently Training Co-Ordinator for AHA (W.A. Branch)

“I believe in the existence within myself of a power.From this belief derives my will to exert it. The entire doctrine of Animal Magnetism is contained in the two words: Believe and Want. I believe that I have the power to set into action the vital principle of my fellow-men; I want to make use of it; this is all my science and all my means. Believe and want, Sirs, and you will do as much as I “

Marquis de Puysegur

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