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Stacey  – a chef, presented with a seafood allergy, she went on to explain that she also suffered from allergies relating to animals, grasses, pollen and was diagnosed as having an anaphylactic reaction to white fish. She could not be in the same kitchen when fish stock was being cooked.
We agreed that she would test her reactions when coming into contact with these substances safely.
After our first session, Stacey rolled fish balls with her bear hands, with only a mild reaction, she played with her dog without having any problems and sat on grass in the middle of summer, with her friends all suffering hay fever. She had not had a chance to test actually eating white fish, although confident there would not be a problem.
Between the second and third visit, she had dined at Clancy’s Fish pub with no more than a mild itch in her throat.

Sometimes we hold on to such things as allergies subconsciously, which in turn causes the immune system to believe that such things might cause us harm. Through Hypnosis and HNLP  the subconscious mind was able to release the negative belief.

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