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Virtual Reality Therapy

What is VRT?                            0430 224 130

VRT stands for Virtual Reality Therapy. The therapy comprises of a head mounted display which provides audio and visual stimuli. The patient is removed from all external distractions in this environment. They are then taken on a journey through many different environments, during which time they reach a deeply relaxed state, where therapeutic hypnotherapy can take place.

How is it different to conventional hypnosis?
Unlike traditional hypnosis, VRT does not rely solely on verbal communication to induce a hypnotic state. 93% of our communication is non verbal, 55% of that is visual. This type of communication occurs on a subconscious level and the subconscious mind is the area of the brain we must reach in order for hypnotherapy to take place. The key to effective hypnosis is the ability to evade the conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscience. Traditional hypnosis relies on words to induce the patient. Words make up only 7% of our communication and must be filtered and evaluated by the conscious mind.
VRT immerses the patient in a virtual environment where visuals and coordinated audio are used to evade the conscious mind and communicate directly with the limbic system (subconscious mind).

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