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Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT)

BWRT is a relatively new therapy, it is Rapid, Effective, Lasting and Convenient.
Many therapies including Hypnotherapy work with intangible elements of the Mind. We call these Conscious, Subconscious and even the Unconscious mind. BWRT is different in that it actually uses the physical brain to make changes.

Ever had the thought, “Why did I just do that”? or “I just couldn’t stop myself”.
Ever been safely behind glass at an aquarium or zoo and still jump or react to the creature that makes a rapid move towards you?
Ever covered the brake when driving without realising it?

These are all instinctual behaviours – used by the Pre-Conscious as a form of survival.

Fears and Phobias – One of the many areas where BWRT® is particularly effective

When the instinct to become anxious or panic becomes instinctual or habit, rather than rational or logical changes can be made within that pattern recognition to change the response.

BWRT® is particularly rapid

Often in a single short session. BWRT works well face to face as well as on skype and even on the phone.
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