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Trauma can occur when we least expect it

Trauma happens when we find ourselves in any situation that we perceive ourselves to be unable to manage that situation. Especially relevant when we think we should have coped differently. For many people, trauma hypnosis is an effective way of coping with this type of stress.

Each one of us has different perceptions, different strengths, different resources. Therefore a traumatic event to one person might possibly seem conceivably trivial to another. A person is comfortable in perhaps potentially dangerous situations, yet they may come undone in an seemingly less stressful situation.

And of course at different times in our lives when our defences are less strong. Consequently we may find ourselves distressed more easily.

Trauma Hypnotherapy Perth
For example:

Two people witnessing the same road traffic accident might be affected differently.
One person may feel losing a job, or even having to speak in front of a small group debilitating.
Military personnel, who might have witnessed years of the atrocities of war, apparently unaffected.

  • Might crumble at the sight of a spider.
  • Feel that the non-inclusion of a celebratory event was too much.
  • Experience debilitation depression after losing a job
Trauma doesn’t have to be something shocking.

And what becomes a traumatic experience for one person, won’t necessarily become a traumatic experience for another.

Our subconscious minds are very protective. Therefore can go into “alarm” (stress) when perceiving the possibility of a recurrence of the traumatic event. Trauma resolution hypnotherapy can assist many people in dealing with a wide range of traumatic events. Reducing stress and allowing the client to move forward in life.

Each time:

We hear particular music that relates to a situation.
You go near Grandma’s house (If she was particularly strict or hurtful in your eyes).
Someone passes by the scene of an accident you have witnessed.
You believe your girlfriend is about to dump you.
A person needs to give a speech to a group

The subconscious mind will run patterns around events.

Almost “waiting” for the event to happen again. This way we can “keep on edge” or “keep our guard up”, which is fantastic if the threat is dangerous. If it helps us to be more cautious crossing the road for example. But when the threat is possibly unfounded, when it makes everyday life difficult then the pattern can be safely changed.

Hypnotherapy can help greatly with changing the subconscious negative patterns that may be holding you in fear.

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