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Why are you not sleeping?

There are four types of insomnia:

Psycho-reactive: This is caused by tension, stress or worry. The subject gets into bed and begins to think about the activities that went on throughout his day. He may think about what he has to do tomorrow. He may be thinking about some other problem. His mind is keeping him awake with worry. In addition, he may begin to worry about getting to sleep because he has to waken in the morning. He may worry that he may become ill or die from lack of sleep.

Endogenous: This is caused by a discomfort within the body ranging from indigestion to pain.

Exogenous Insomnia: This is caused by external disturbances such as noise or a partner’s snoring. This is the easiest type of insomnia to cure.

Functional: This is caused by a functional problem in the subject’s sleep wakefulness centre in the brain.

Endogenous insomnia can often be abated by taking the necessary steps to relieve the discomfort.

Making the room as quiet as possible and if your partner snores perhaps sleeping in another room will help with Exogenous Insomnia

We have created Hypnochix™ Mind Renovations Good nights sleep program to assist clients with Psycho-reactive Insomnia and Functional Insomnia.

Insomnia - Dream catchers are believed to catch the good dreams that then drip down the feathers in to our sleep
Often times we create our own negative expectations of what our sleep time will be like, which will bring on Insomnia all by itself.

Perhaps with such thoughts as:

“I know I’m going to lay awake all night”

“Now I am so tired, but I know I’ll never get to sleep”

“I suffer from Insomnia”

“If I don’t take sleeping tablets I won’t sleep”

“I will be awake again by 3am”

Hope uses Hypnosis to alleviate what’s getting in the way of sleeping so that you experience a habit of sleeping deeply, peacefully and Naturally.

Most people find themselves sleeping throughout the night, night after night.

Even better, they awaken feeling refreshed.
The program Hypnochix™ Mind Renovations Good nights sleep program is our highly effective three session hypnosis approach. Structured as sessions set about a week apart, to give you time to integrate each session and really experience the changes as they occur in your daily life.

So if you are ready to get a good nights sleep, naturally and easily or would like to ask a few more questions about how hypnosis can treat insomnia. Why not give Hope a call now.

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