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I am in great gratitude to those who have taken the time to write reviews for me.

Much of my work comes from referrals in both the professional, be it medical or Psychotherapy and also personal. Often when people have had success with therapy they will tell others. Reviews are always welcome. Many people have called me and said things similar to “I need to come and see you, I’ve been told you’ll do your magic”

The following are some of the reviews I have received.

I had a great first session, I felt lighter and happier than I have in longer than I care to admit.

Felt relaxed and at ease in a warm and friendly environment.
Certainly hope I learn to feel that good regularly.


very good i enjoy it. Thanks


Truly wonderful experience in a very relaxed atmosphere, Hope made the entire session so very enjoyable.

Initially I was a little unsure of what to expect but was quickly put at ease and enjoyed the experience. I am excited at the prospect of achieving my goal and already feel empowered to do so after just one session.


I am thrilled to say my first session has helped me tremendously, and am looking forward to next weeks appointment.
I am amazed how my thoughts no longer dwell upon negative situations that were driving me insane . Thank you so much


I found the first session to be organised

(but not structured in a restrictive sense), effective (notwithstanding underlying skepticism on my part), helpful (because it actually worked – and I was given a “tool kit” to take away and use) and encouraging (because I can see that there are ways to deal with my “baggage”).Many thanks, Hope.


Hi Hope, Thank you so much for yesterday it was absolutely great and can not wait for my next session. Have a great week. Kind Regards


Came out of the session feeling confident, positive and happy. I felt it went very well.


I was a bit nervous going however Hope made me feel comfortable. I came away feeling positive & looking forward to this week & my next session.


Fantastic as usual


Hello Hope, Thank you for the session.

I must say that I did have a feeling of deep relaxation…


I feel incredible, thank you

Had a wonderful experience.

Still trying to bring back what I let go and for the life of me…I cant.! Hope has a way of making you feel you can open up which is one of the hardest things for me to do. I am so looking forward to my next session and am excited about how far I can progress.


Hi Hope,Lovely to meet you. Thought my first session was amazing, I went to bed at 7.00pm that night and had many dreams (as you stated I would). I slept right through until 5.00am. ITs amazing how much energy we use to suppress our feelings instead of realising them. I thank you so much for helping me realease the pattern of behavior that no longer serves me, your knowledge and expertise was thought provoking and I’m looking forward for our next session. Kindest Regards


It was a great experience and a very warm and safe environment. It was a very different experience but I feel like I got a lot from it! Thank you I can see this changing my life for the better!


Absolutely fantastic couple of sessions – thank you Hope!

I am now sitting at airport for an unplanned flight (shock horror) and I am genuinely excited!Also really appreciated the other lessons that I will definitely use in my day to day…just keep tapping :)Thanks again! Fantastic experience. Best way to stop smoking for me, thank you.


Hope was amazing!I have recommended her to so many people with phobias and anxieties they may have.
Looking forward to my next session with the lovely Hope


Hi. I am really happy with the session. Your way is bit different than the previous hypnotherapy session I attended. I like your approach . I just want you to feed my mind with all the positive suggestion and to work Diligently for my Ielts exam. Looking forward to see you on Friday. Thanks


Thank you Using the techniques occasionally and find it very effective..


5 days without even thinking about a cigarette thanks a million


Thanks Hope, Always a wonderful experience to re-tune the senses. All the best Sharon.


Awesome session. Now it’s putting technique into practice. Thank you Hope for giving me hope .


Hi Hope,

Thank you for the session to quit smoking today. So far so good. I am feeling tired and drained but so glad that I haven’t had the urge to have a cigarette.
I can see the dream!
Thanks a million!


Hope made me feel very comfortable and explained everything with great passion and understanding! Walked out feeling like a new person!!!


Very happy with first session and looking forward to achieving my goals during my next appointment Many thanks


Hope I was rapt in that session and could not believe the impact it had.

I left there with half a packet of smokes and binned them down the street I have been in the company since then of smokers on two occasions and have not been even remotely tempted, Think if the thought was to enter my head to have a smoke I would think of (as I have several times) I am a non smoker and I will be for the rest of my life .. Wow I did not realise what a strong impact and influence it had on my life, I was a servant to the crap for around 45 years.
Hope many thanks


Hey Hope,

Cheers soo much , I still haven’t had a smoke , even at the BBQ sat avo when I smelt smokes I didn’t even want one . I’m stoked !

Thanks heaps


Thank you to all those who took the time to write reviews and also to you for taking the time to read them


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