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Everyone knows that being a successful athlete involves maintaining high levels of physical fitness.

However, this is only part of the required strategy for success. According to research, sports performance has more to do with mental abilities than physical abilities.

To many people this may sound like a strange concept. But thousands of sports people have recognised the power of their mental state having a positive effect on their sports performance.

Therefore Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Mind Sciences have been used for many years to help professional athletes enhance their natural ability. It has been widely reported that golfer Tiger Woods and many others regularly use hypnosis.

“If you think you can or if you think you can’t…. You’re right” – Henry Ford

In May 1954 Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, just 2 months later at the Commonwealth games both Bannister and Australia’s John Landy ran less than 4 minutes, the mindset change opened the way, almost allowing others to believe it possible. Many athletes since have run under the 4 minutes.

Many of my sports clients from Elite professionals to weekend hackers have turned their game around by changing their mindsets.

Entering the ring as a Winner or a Loser can determine the outcome of a fight

Fear of falling is sensed by your horse, why should he jump when you’re not confident you can both make it

A golfer’s focus wandering to previous poor shots or games, even intimation, can be triggered by the smallest of mistakes, sounds, even perhaps smells.

At Mind Matters Hypnotherapy in Perth I can help you to change your thinking and therefore your response before it becomes an issue. If it has become an issue, we can rewind to your former glory days when your sports performance was more desirable.

When your ready to think like a winner and also play like a winner

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