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Hypnotherapy can help with a vast array of issues

The following is a list of ways that I have helped others perhaps I can help you.

Hypnotherapy for Allergies



A chef, presented with a seafood allergy, went on to explain that she also suffered from allergies relating to animals, grasses, pollen and was diagnosed as having an anaphylactic reaction to white fish. She could not be in the same kitchen when fish stock was being cooked. She needed help fast.

We agreed that she would test her reactions when coming into contact with these substances safely.

After our first session, Stacey rolled fish balls with her bare hands, with only a mild reaction, she played with her dog without having any problems and sat on grass in the middle of summer, with her friends all suffering hay fever. She had not had a chance to test actually eating white fish, although confident there would not be a problem.

Between the second and third visit, Stacey had dined at Clancy’s Fish pub with no more than a mild itch in her throat.

Sometimes we hold on to such things as allergies subconsciously, which in turn causes the immune system to believe that such things might cause us harm. Through Hypnosis and HNLP the subconscious mind was able to release the negative belief.

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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Help for Insomnia

Mark said…

“Being a shift worker and having three young children sleep had become a luxury. With the help of Hope and only one session, when I sleep, I really sleep. I mean as soon as my head hits the pillow. The sleep is deep as well. With her technique she enabled me to block out annoying noise around the house but be aware of my children’s cries….”


Mind Matters Hypnotherapy is conveniently located in Northbridge, Perth WA
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Hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking

Help with Quitting smoking

Loretta quit smoking

“I’ve been a smoker for 24 years and for the last 10 years have smoked a packet a day.
Since my first session with Hope I have not had a cigarette. I now am a non smoker and it has been a much easier process than I anticipated. Thanks Hope there will be no more waking up coughing, no more getting out of breath when I run and no more wasting thousands of dollars on a pointless habit.”

Loretta….former smoker June 2010

Mind Matters Hypnotherapy is conveniently located in Northbridge, Perth WA

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
Addicted to Coke

“Struggling with motivation to lose excess weight, I had a hypnotherapy session with Hope. Since that session, I have not touched Coca Cola – my biggest vice – even though the name Coke was not spoken! Through suggestion, I gained the willpower and motivation to change both my diet and exercise. Over 15kg gone so far!”

….. Renae

Hypnotherapy for Exam anxiety


I had a difficult exam approaching that I needed some help with. (CPL – Commercial Pilot License) After 2 sessions with Hope I felt more focused during my studies and actually looked forward to doing the exam! I ended up passing with a great mark, thanks!! – Michael

Mind Matters Hypnotherapy is conveniently located in Northbridge, Perth WA
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Hypnotherapy for Sports enhancement


A friend asked me to see his young son, a 14 year old speed skater about to compete in the State Championships. A great Hypnosis subject (as are most young people) and very accepting of my safe and sensible suggestions, aware that pain is a necessary message, we talked about him pushing himself without causing injury or unnecessary fatigue.

I was overjoyed to hear he achieved 5 Gold Medals and is now State Champion. He was of course an excellent skater, but wanted to enhance his natural ability to be able to push himself to the limits of his capabilities. Through hypnosis we were able to increase his confidence, endurance, focus, speed, technique and strength.

We all have natural talents and abilities – ranging from musical ability to sports to art to cooking (to name just a few). Imagine, just for a moment, what it would be like if our minds believed and knew with all certainty just how good we really are. Imagine what we could achieve with mind, body and soul working together, as one, heading towards a common goal. No doubts, No worries. The possibilities are endless……

Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance


Laura is a high level equestrian rider who until lately was very successful, making it onto the state development squad. Laura was known as having a very confident and brave approach to the cross country phase of her sport.

Perth Hypnosis for Sports PerformanceShe experienced 2 bad falls in close succession 18 months ago and had time off to recover from injury; but since returning to her training she began showing growing signs of lowered confidence. She admits she was always nervous before the stage and her anxiety was causing her sleep to be affected. These issues began to transfer to her horse and very unusual behaviours were being witnessed.

Laura had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, her attitude completely changed after the first session; her new mind set positively influencing other areas of her life and relationships, her courage returned, boosting her confidence.

Laura competed in a major cross country event on the weekend after her third session of hypnotherapy, her horse performed remarkably well and they took second place.

Hypnotherapy for quit smoking - Amanda


Message from Amanda


I wanted to thank you so much for making time to see me last month.

After I quit smoking with one session of hypnotherapy over 2 years ago, having smoked heavily for nearly 30 years, I knew you would be the person to help me with my fear of flying. I am so excited to tell you that I had a fantastic trip and more so due to the absence of fear.
I will continue to recommend you to friends and family.

Thank you thank you thank you

10 July 2012

Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth


Hypnosis for pregnancy & childbirth is a unique program that utilises Hypnochix™ Mind Renovations to enable you to glow during pregnancy while looking forward to the comfortable experience of your baby’s birth.

While the audio program covers all the bases required by most people, it’s the individual touches Hope imparts in the private sessions of hypnotherapy for pregnancy & childbirth that enable you to have the complete birth experience you desire.

As well enjoying our pregnancy and childbirth audio recordings, you will also have hypnotherapy sessions to ensure you glide into motherhood with grace.

This program includes 6 sessions which are spaced according to your needs and includes the Hypnosis For Pregnancy & Childbirth audios free of charge to further enhance your experience.

Mind Matters Hypnotherapy is conveniently located in Northbridge, Perth WA
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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias

What is the difference between Fears & Phobias?

When fears are irrational and disabling, they are called phobias.

Fear is a normal and healthy part of life. Fear plays an important role in keeping us from entering harmful situations and helping us decide when to get out of situations that are not necessarily the best. Under normal circumstances, fear can be managed through reason and logic. It does not take over our lives or cause us to become irrational.

Phobias, however, twists the normal fear response into something that is difficult or impossible to control. a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding despite the fear, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational.

The most common phobias are Spider, snakes and heights. Although there are many more suffered by many people of all ages. I have listed a few phobias here.

Hypnotherapy for Hypnotic Lap band
The Hypnochix® Mind Renovations Hypnosis Weight Loss Program
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Overweight, Frustrated and considering Bariatric or Gastric Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery?

Does the thought of a surgical implant and major surgery scare you?
Have you considered the potential risks such as, infection, perforation, slippage of the band, and bleeding that this surgery can involve?
How much pain will your wallet feel when you get the $20,000 to 30,000 bill?

Now there is a safer and more affordable alternative:

The Hypnochix® Hypnosis Lap Band Weight Loss Program
Hypnotic Gastric LapBand
Weight loss treatment in the privacy of a consulting room near you

Weight Loss without surgery at a price you can afford

Weight Loss that you can be totally comfortable with

More and more dieters are now considering using gastric lap band hypnotherapy to lose weight. Hypnotic Lap Band Weight Loss Programs have increasingly become the most sought after weight loss surgery alternative for successfully slimming down because of its safety, comfort and price.

Hypnochix® are conveniently located in Northbridge Perth WA

What is Hypnochix™ Mind Renovations?

Developed by the Perth Hypnotherapists Michelle Marsh and Hope Wesley, The Hypnochix®Hypnosis Lap Band Weight Loss Program is a rare combination of the best of Traditional and Modern Hypnotherapy and the science of Neuro Linguistic Psychology, Mesmerism and Energy Work, Ultra Depth, Western Medicine, Counselling and Goal Setting

What is the Hypnosis Lap Band Program?

The Lap Band Program is hypnotherapy designed to enable weight loss in an obese person, specifically those with a high Body Mass Index (BMI). It is a Virtual Gastric Lap Band surgery using hypnosis. It is the long term solution to your successful weight loss.

The Hypnochix® Mind Renovations Method of Gastric Banding

is a unique approach to rewire your unconscious mind into believing that you have had Gastric Lap Band surgery without the side effects, without the scars and without major recovery time. Through the use of hypnotherapy with access to the unconscious mind, you are convinced that you have undergone Gastric Lap Band surgery. Because your mind believes this has happened, your body responds by restricting the amount of food it takes in, thereby causing you to lose weight, effortlessly.

In addition, we identify the underlying blocks that keep you from your ideal weight and develop a customized personal program that is just right for you. We help you get clearer on your vision and goals and create a multi-state action plan for you to achieve them.

Call Hope to find out how the Hypnochix®Hypnosis Lap-Band Program can work specifically for you.

Mind Matters Hypnotherapy is conveniently located in Northbridge, Perth WA
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