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Help with smoking cessation.

Stop smoking, becoming a non-smoker is just a phone call away.

Many stop smoking clients report having tried, with varying degrees of success, to quit smoking. On numerous occasions through a variety of different means, including hypnosis.

Yet the critical element in quitting the habit is the ability to remain stopped once the initial period of smoking cessation is over.

Don’t quit temporarily – Stop smoking for good

I don’t offer quick fixes. This can sometimes assist a person to temporarily end the smoking behaviour. But fails to address the underlying drivers that maintain the habit. It is these things that all too often force the individual to re-commence the smoking habit at a later date.

Smokers don’t want to quit just to start again at a later date.

Therefore in order to stay stopped and remain a non smoker for good. To do this it is essential that the underlying drivers be neutralised. This way the symptom of those drivers – the smoking habit – can truly become extinct.

Hypnochix™ Mind Renovations approach is designed to accomplish exactly this. In addition to helping to end the smoking behaviour itself, the subconscious ‘script’ that maintains the habit is systematically re-written.

Stop smoking Quit smoking with Hypnosis Mind Matters Hypnotherapy Perth

Research shows that there are basically 3 types of smokers:

The first group acknowledges the hazards of smoking. They continue despite the danger. Disregarding the risks of smoking for bravado. Therefore they often derive a distorted sense of excitement from smoking while admitting the danger. These individuals may pay lip-service to stopping smoking. But are not serious.

The second has faced the facts of smoking. Because of their respect for their bodies and health, decide to stop damaging and poisoning themselves. They often stop smoking of their own accord. The same might be for those who stop smoking for financial reasons.

Lastly, the third is made up of individuals who want to quit smoking. But need something other than harsh words from their doctors or other scare tactics. They often have high motivation and recognise their need and desire to stop smoking. They are looking for a method to direct and convert their desire to quit smoking into action.

This 3rd group will benefit greatly from hypnotherapy. If you are in this group, then you can stop smoking with hypnosis probably far more easily than you can now imagine. Because help is here.

You are here for a reason.

Hope is just a phone call away

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy can indeed help you. Taking the pain out of smoking cessation and making becoming a non-smoker an automatic process. Probably a much easier process than you ever thought possible, but more than this, it can help you to remain a non-smoker.

But hypnosis can only really help you once you have decided to stop smoking.

It’s important to understand, however, that hypnosis is NOT mind control. You want to receive the full and powerful benefits of hypnotherapy. It’s not enough to have vague ideas of stopping smoking at some time in the future. Despite what some would like you to believe, the hypnotherapist simply cannot decide for you, or make you stop. Only you can do that.

Are you ready?

Once you have decided, however, then the therapy that I offer can greatly ease the process of smoking cessation. Helping you free yourself of the chains of addiction and habit, returning you to your birthright.The ability to live your life as a non-smoker.

And as a result of making the decision now, you are closer to being healthier as a non smoker.

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