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All fees are due before or on the day of consultation

Fees cost Hypnotherapy for Stress Anxiety Sleep issues Quit smoking many more issues
What can you expect?
  • The first session is where we get to find out what the presenting issue actually is. 
  • Although I do spend some time in conversation with you, this is not talk therapy.
  • It is a time where we can discuss information further to our phone conversation. 
  • If you have not experienced Hypnotherapy, I will explain how this works.
  • Sometimes clients can be nervous or cautious, this is the time when you’ll become at ease with the entire process.
  • We will look at emotional drivers here.
  • What is triggering you? You actually may not consciously know. That is completely OK. Because unconsciously you do know.
  • It is during this time that I will teach you how to clear any emotional triggers and drivers for future situations.
    After all we all live in this hectic world.
  • Having the right tools will place you in a great position to cope with life’s stresses.
I allow 2+ hours for this session.

Please make sure when you book your appointment that you won’t be concerned about time.
Give yourself permission to enjoy this time without worrying about being late to pick up children or whether dinner will be late.

This session is $300

Depending on your Health fund, rebates may apply.

Quit smoking Hypnotherapy
  • Similar to the Initial consultation
  • During our conversation, we will look at your personal habit
  • What are the triggers that make you feel you need a cigarette?
  • Where and when do you smoke?
  • Have you tried to quit previously?
  • What emotions are driving your habit.
  • These issues will be cleared unconsciously, you will be taught how to do this, should any emotions arise in the future.
  • Your Hypnotherapy session will be tailored to your personal situation
  • I am confident that you can remain a non smoker for good
  • I do not charge for follow up sessions that you are unlikely to require.


This single session quit smoking Hypnotherapy is $300

Depending on your Health fund, rebates may apply.

  • Follow up session after the initial consultation.
  • These sessions last about 60 – 90 minutes
  • Please leave plenty of time for travel before and after and also for parking
  • During this session we can look at how things have changed since we last saw each other
  • Hypnotherapy is individually tailored for your current situation

Follow up sessions are $150 each

Depending on your Health fund, rebates may apply.

  • These appointments are for those who do not necessarily want Hypnotherapy.
  • Many of therapies I use are very short – often less than 30 minutes but are very powerful and effective.
  • Often this is a more economical way to deal with issues such as Fears and Phobias
  • When parents bring their children, more often than not the young ones are happy to stay for extended periods.
    Other times they will be happy coming for short sessions perhaps more often.


These sessions are $175.00 per hour or part thereof.

Depending on your Health fund, rebates may apply.

Many consultations are done face to face in the conveniently located Northbridge office

Please be aware of the Skype or Zoom options, many of my clients are based internationally as well as interstate, many of the therapies I use suit distance therapy.