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Here is a great Neuro-linguistic programming – NLP technique which allows you to change state quickly and easily.

The cloud is a simple way to shake off those feelings we know longer want hanging around and because Neuro-linguistic programming – NLP is simple, quick and effective, you will want to use it and maybe find out more.
Our state depends on our interaction with the external environment and our processing of thoughts and emotions. States act as a kind of filter on our interpretations of our experiences.

We naturally change states during our day, we can change from being relaxed watching TV to high alert if we hear an alarm or perhaps hear a window smash, perceiving danger. Sometimes our states will change progressively, from being uptight during an argument to calming down after the situation.

There are times when our states can become repetitive and we can find ourselves feeling low, unhappy, saddened on an ongoing basis. This is when a change state technique can be very handy.
I have found myself doing this (perhaps a slightly modified version 😉) in a long supermarket queue when I’ve found myself not particularly happy about how much of my precious time is being wasted 😛

You might want to get a friend to read this to you or perhaps record the steps into your phone and play it back as you do the process, take your time leaving time between each point/step.

Enjoy 🙂



Before you start – Stand up with a space around you enough room to be able to take two or three steps forward and perhaps one or two backwards.
This will be an eyes closed process – when we close our eyes we can block out distractions, go inside and actually feel.
If at any stage you think you can’t do any part of this…… for a moment ….. pretend you can

When you’re ready……
  • Close your eyes.
  • Become aware of the feeling that is not pleasant and imagine it as a cloud surrounding you.
  • What colour is that cloud?
  • What is in that cloud that you like?
  • How is the cloud serving you?
  • When you’re step out of the cloud
  • Notice the difference
  • Be aware that the cloud is behind you as you now create a new cloud in front of you




  • Notice the colour of your new cloud?
  • What would you like in your new cloud?
  • Imagine what would help to make you feel how you want to feel….. Joy Fun Laughter Happiness?
  • Add all the feelings that you would like to feel into your new cloud
  • And when you are ready step into your new cloud
  • Feel all of those feelings you put into your cloud
  • Really experience how you feel when you feel those feelings
  • Notice how good you feel
  • Take as long as you need
  • When you’re ready, begin to suck in every single bit of that cloud, allow it to fill your body with that amazing colour these amazing feelings that you have chosen.
  • How does that feel?
  • When you’re ready, with your eyes still closed, turn around and face the old discarded cloud
  • Is there anything that you want form that cloud? If there is claim it.
  • When you’re ready, do whatever you want to do to destroy it, yes physically, kick, punch, blow, push use your whole body to destroy it, your best kung fu moves if necessary, maybe you’ll blow it up, set fire to it, submerge it in water or bury it in the earth, until you know that that old unnecessary cloud has disappeared, out of sight, out of mind out of your imagination.


Please let me know in the comments below how you felt after running the process.



Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can be very powerful and also empowering especially when used along side other modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Meridian Tapping and Brain Work Recursive Therapy (BWRT) call and have a chat today to see how I can help you