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I grew up with a fear of snakes; so petrified, consequently I had formed certain beliefs.
  • If there was a snake anywhere near by, it would know I was a afraid and come get me
  • People could not be trusted to not throw random snakes at me
  • All snakes wanted to kill me and probably would if they had the chance

The interesting thing is that although this fear was in my unconscious mind, I had actually not had a run in with a snake – that I was consciously aware of.

I grew up in London, West London in fact, close to Heathrow airport, not too many snakes around, but of course the unconscious is not logical, it does not know perception from reality. Perhaps I once watched a movie, my brothers were always watching animal/wildlife documentaries on TV, come to think of it. Perhaps one of them once threw a worm at me or chased me with something creepy – I should have a chat to both of them.


I was so terrified

I couldn’t even look at a picture of one let alone a video. Even the word Snake created a terrifying response. Just assumed the word would lead into horrifying stories which I could not bear to think about. At some stage during my life probably as a young adult, I heard about Exposure Therapy. The thought of being exposed to one of these Killer Pythons made the entire state of affairs far worse. At some stage I made a decision to spend the rest of my days avoiding reptiles of any sort – just in case. Even when my family moved to Perth Western Australia, much as it sounded great, I decided I probably would not. Instead I would live happily with my fear in London.

When I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist

in a short time I became so fascinated by Fears and Phobias. Consequently I found so many of my clients were getting amazing results, strangely enough I had not even considered Hypnotherapy or even Self Hypnosis as a therapy for myself.

One day while working in my Lounge room on my laptop I glanced up at the silent TV screen.

Two males had snakes draped over their necks, without realising, I watched as one of the reptiles flicked its tongue quickly, I pondered whether or not it – the snake could smell it’s self on the other man. Why I assumed they had swapped snakes for the TV interview I have no idea 😛 .

It was then I realised I was not only looking, but intrigued by the creatures. Interesting as I had not actually done any work on myself.



A few weeks later I was at Fremantle Markets.

Entering quickly in a bit of a rush, mind on the mission of buying the item I required and keeping moving. I noticed a Koala on display but nothing else about the particular wildlife exhibit.

After I purchased the item I was looking for I headed back out and then (as I saw the very large serpent being placed around a man’s neck) I realised it was school holidays and the Koala was not the only creature on display.

Suddenly here I was in Fremantle markets of all places, two feet away from a two metre long Python. It was even smelling with its tongue in my direction. I took a close look and could only think “Where does that black face become stripes” ….. “Stunning” I kept walking. By the time I arrived at the carpark across the road, I had checked my body for fear, there wasn’t any.

Of course then I started thinking, “I should have got a picture NO ONE will believe I came so close” haha….



As mentioned earlier,  I had not ever worked on this phobia,

but I have explained the brain’s processing of the fear response and also the Mind Body connection so many times that my own unconscious mind had at some stage started to listen.

I have since this time also realized that a claustrophobic reaction that I had been experiencing since the age of 20 (I know the day it was triggered) has also been resolved, again not ever working on it or testing it, but “finding” myself comfortably in a place I would never have considered …… But that is the subject of a different page 😛