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Because I talked about therapy in my last post I thought I would try to stick to me in this one….
Not sure how easy that will be…

Especially when the title of the post includes the word interesting.

I have been on this planet for nearly 60 years, how awesome is that 🙂
I have 2 grown up children and currently have two delightful granddaughters.
I drove London Buses and tow trucks and for a living.
I am (albeit distantly and by marriage) related to Robert Plant YES Robert Plant as in Led Zeppelin … I tell everyone, that we call him cousin Robert but it’s a little more distant than that, through the Wilson family.

I was born with a caul over my face.

I have heard it is considered fortunate as legend would have it, it has been said that a child born with the caul would not die of drowning for that reason in Victorian times it was not unheard of for cauls to fetch good prices at auction, purchased by anxious seafarers wishing to gain protection. It was also thought to be an indicator that a child would have ‘second sight’, or supernatural powers of premonition. How exciting eh? Probably more exciting is the list of others born of the same way.

Edwin Booth
Lord Byron
Vseslav of Polotsk
George Formby, Jr.
Sigmund Freud
Lillian Gish
James Iha
Sergei Pankejeff
James VI and I
Gabriele d’Annunzio
Kim Woodburn
Alan Moore
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Hmmmm what if I rename the post 5 mildly interesting things about me…..

6. I have struggled with Nicotine addiction, and quit smoking with Hypnotherapy, also with depression, Self esteem, and many other things that I help people with with.

7. I once bumped into (almost literally) Chris Judd in Coles and had no idea who he was…. (Good thing my daughter was there to tell me?)

8. This really is harder than I thought……