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I’ve been told many times over the years that I should write more blog posts, and haven’t really done much, because I figured no one would read them but I guess that is not the point.

I have decided to write a little about myself…. Who I am and Who am I?

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, have been for quiet some years now, although I have an interesting background, I’m told, previous career wise. Who would have thought…..
I work face to face with many of my clients. I do enjoy the closeness of this style of therapy. Of course these days skype is just a click away. So many more people are coming to enjoy therapy from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Many of these clients who live some distance from me, have chosen to have the initial consultation face to face. They then choose follow up sessions by skype. By this time they are more than comfortable with the process and we have been able to seed some good positive suggestions supporting the experience.

Some of the therapies I use, work particularly well over skype.

In fact, I did an ’emergency’ session over the phone quiet recently, a friend of a client had started to have an anxiety attack on the way to the airport. Realising a slight fear of flying had become a paralysing phobia. Using Brain Work Recursive Therapy (BWRT). I was able to assist the lady in accessing the fear in the instinctual part of the brain. Because this was the part that was paralysing and causing the anxiety. Within a few short minutes the fear had completely left. She went and enjoyed her holiday. She came to see me when she returned to Perth, to do some follow up work. The Phobia was completely gone and so too was a facial tic which she had had for most of her life, interestingly enough. She wanted to do some work on other things that were holding her back.

Hope Wesley Mind Matters Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist.

I have been practising BWRT for nearly as long as it has been invented. Having been trained by Pyschotherapist Terence Watts personally. I become one of the first international mentors, assisting other therapists in this fascinating therapy, which of course brings me back to skype. As with most therapies Professional development is a must. BWRT was approved by the British Psychological Society and so meeting with a mentor on a regular basis keeps therapists up to date.

Interesting I started writing about be and found myself writing about my work…..