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Trauma Post traumatic stress

We tend to relate PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to veterans. Emergency workers such as Police, Fire, Ambulance and Security personnel but Trauma comes in many forms. Different people find different situations traumatic.  Trauma Post traumatic stress comes in all shapes and sizes.

A young child can be traumatised by losing Mum in a shop for a few moments too long (so can Mum).
School Bullying can be traumatising.
Seeing or being involved in a accident.
Abusive relationships.
Natural disaster
Death of a loved one.
Loss of a job or home and so many more….

Many people are able to process traumatic events and over time get over it. Others might experience a maladaptive storing of the information, where processing is incomplete or confused.


When we haven’t been able to process the information we can experience fear.

Often reliving of the situation, this is done by a part of the brain that is responsible for your survival and your instincts, this part of the brain will alert you to the perceived danger just in case and is due to our human instinctual behaviour.

This particular part of the brain works at ridiculously fast speeds, approximately 0.3 seconds faster than your conscious awareness….

Ever gone to duck out of the way of something then realised you hadn’t even seen it coming?

Ever jumped while watching a horror movie even though you know it’s only a movie?

That’s what I mean by perceived danger, the preconscious mind analysing the given data and causing the physical body to react, at which time we become aware of it.

By changing the processing before the instinctual part of the brain starts to work on it.

What we in effect do is remove the necessity to view the data as danger. This gives the conscious part of the mind time to figure out whether there is in deed a real danger to our survival.

Put simply we can look at a situation with all of our experiences instead of allowing only part of our experiences to call the shots.

Example: I got nipped by a puppy I was playing with recently – I might have been teasing a little, it did hurt.  Because I unconsciously processed that particular information:
Pondered how many times I have owned dogs and had many awesome and some not great experiences with them.
Analysed age
Temperament of thousands of dogs I have come into contact with over my years.
I did not become too traumatised by the experience. Enough information was filed regarding annoying this particular little feller.

If a child had experienced the same nip. The child may well have fewer experiences to analyse, along with the pain factor of course consequently may not fully process the data involved. The situation could accelerate if the child shows signs of fear or smacks the dog – instinctual reaction. This experience could become an unprocessed memory that the pre-conscious mind relates to whenever the boy/man meets a canine.

At the other end of the scale

….are our trained military personal, emergency workers etc, trauma may occur over several incidents, may be one in particular that will cause or trigger the PTSD.

Hypnotherapy and Brainwroking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) can be very useful in assisting in the processing of the previously unprocessed information.

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